Becoming a Carbon Neutral Brand - What Does it Actually Mean?

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IZI Beauty - April 15, 2021

Becoming a Carbon Neutral Brand - What Does it Actually Mean?

The state of our planet has always been a concern. Younger generations will inherit the planet in its current state and are quickly realising that the quality of life on earth is at risk, if we do not start changing now.Carbon neutral is having the balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, taking away some of the dangerous effects of burning fossil fuels.A brand becomes carbon neutral when they calculate their carbon emissions for what they have produced via carbon offsetting projects. Many companies like Delta and Microsoft have pledged to become carbon neutral or negative by 2050.Greenhouse gases such as C02 disperse into the atmosphere, which means that the concentration of greenhouse gases is roughly the same all over the world.

Carbon neutral does not mean carbon freeThese two terms are often confused; however, they do refer to the aspects of climate action. Carbon-free services are those which do not generate any carbon emissions during manufacturing.Why do we need to be carbon neutral?Being carbon neutral is vital if we wish to stop and prevent climate change. If we are overloading our atmosphere with bad chemicals, it will not function properly causing the air to heat up.Us humans are the cause of the damage to the environment, so it is our responsibility to make a change and take action to undo the damage. If we do our part for our planet and achieve being carbon neutral, we will live our lives in a sustainable way.

Ways in which companies can get involved and become carbon neutral:

For a business to become carbon neutral they must change their ways in which they purchase and use energy, reducing their overall emissions. Here are some of the changes which a company could make:- Join energy efficient programmes- Use clean energy sources- Change the way you interact with client (Online meetings instead of flights to meet inperson)- Electric or hybrid company cars/vans- Increase recyclingo Only using recyclable packaging- Working from home where possibleBeing a carbon neutral brand is a step in the right direction and is the first steps in reducing the harm humans have caused to the environment. At IZI Beauty we are going to be launching as a carbon neutral brand very soon. We cannot wait to help the environment and reduce climate change for the future.

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