How Important Is It To Buy Clean & Healthy Makeup?

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IZI Beauty - Aug 28, 2021

How Important Is It To Buy Clean &
Healthy Makeup?

Organic and natural products are rapidly influencing over time and overall changing the panorama of the cosmetic world. However, “beauty” is the first term that comes to our minds when we hear about cosmetic products – right? However, nowadays, more and more people expect sustainable, environmental-friendly, and ethical qualities in their cosmetic products. Chemical-free products do not only ensure human wellbeing but the protection of your skin and biodiversity too. This article will help you know why do you need to switch your makeup kit to chemical-free and organic products. So, let’s have a look:

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Chemical-Free Products

Care for Your BodyConventional and cheap makeup products contain a very high amount of petroleum-based several ingredients and may also include different substances such as oxybenzone, phthalates, or parabens. Although regulated chemical-free products are the best ones to use in cosmetics, several petroleum- based ingredients are always inconsistent with the concept of truly organic and natural cosmetic products. Moreover, their compositions should be made of natural minerals and organic plant extracts, multiple natural other substances, and products from natural microorganisms. Altogether the properties of all these mixtures, like oils and plant extracts, naturally protect your skin and hydrate it. Moreover, the fact that more organic, biodegradable, and sustainable ingredients can be found more in organic and natural cosmetic products also reassures you about the legitimacy, quality, and origin of the products you use.

A More Sustainable Approach

Multiple petroleum-based ingredients are more often used in cosmetic products that require some extensive mining because it is the matter of aluminum lead or petroleum that also endangers multiple soils and may also cause a threat to wildlife habitats. Therefore, unlike all other petrochemical substances available in the market, organic and natural cosmetic items come up mostly from the cultivation of flowers, plants. Also, those plants and flowers are used whose extracts are effective to use in different cosmetic formulations. This is how the use of diverse organic and natural raw materials requires you to ensure that the biodiversity of the wildlife habitat is secured and protected. This process also ensures the sustainability of the various flowers and plants species is always preserved no matter what the situation is.

The Social & Ethical Dimension

Natural beauty brands are mostly the medium or either small enterprises, aka, SMEs whose production of the products is more often carried out at regional, local, or national levels. Moreover, local productions may also contribute to the potential and sustainable shorter supply chains also to the several authentic image brands. Moreover, talking about the sourcing of the ingredients, it is a partnership between organic and natural brands and local several local farming communities throughout developing countries is something very common.

IZI Beauty

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