What is conscious beauty & why should you embrace it?

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IZI Beauty - April 15, 2021

What is conscious beauty & why should you embrace it?

When we investigate the ingredients used in the making of beauty products, the industry has never really been very clean about them. Harsh chemicals are used in the making of these products and are sadly tested on animals first. They are tortured, just for us to have wrinkle-free skin.

How is this fair? Which is why there is the concept of conscious beauty.For a while now a lot of consumers have bene unaware of the cruelty behind the scenes, so now is the time for a change in the world of beauty.

What is conscious beauty?

The days are gone when consumers would buy any beauty product blindly and purchase anything offered to them. Now technology is advancing there has been a rapid improvement between the manufacturer and product consumer. We have all heard of the many cruel methods which are used to produce make up and beauty products. They are damaging the biodiversity of the world and destroying the growth of resources.

Various beauty brands have come up with their own range of products which are manufactured to not cause any environmental damage. These brands can also be known as eco-friendly brands. Conscious beauty brands sell products that are 100% cruelty-free. They also do not contain any harsh chemicals which are going to cause effects to our skin. Another benefit of conscious brands is they use environmental-friendly packaging, with a lot of products coming in biodegradable packaging where possible.

Why should you embrace conscious beauty?

It is cruelty-free! When beauty products are tested on animals it is risking the lives of innocent animals. Animals have died due to effects of the chemicals used in the products for years, which is why the beauty industry needs to make a change. Supporting companies which are cruelty-free will help this. As a conscious consumer you can use your products with a clear conscience knowing no animals were harmed during the testing period. You will feel confident in making a better choice and help make major changes in the world.

You can go all natural- Tired of putting synthetic products on your skin? Then it is time for you to go all-natural. Replace synthetic skincare products with the natural ones which is filled with goodness of vitamins. Many brands have declared themselves to be 100% natural, only using plant extracts to make their products. Like us at IZI Beauty.
All our products are 100% natural, benefiting you and your skin over time.

Say no to plastics- Your make-up and beauty products usually involve a lot of packaging whether purchased in store or online. The most commonly used ingredient in the packaging is plastic, which is already causing enough damage to the environment as it is non-biodegradable. Conscious beauty brands on the other hand use biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging to support the environment, helping you be free of guilt when purchasing your products.

For too long we have allowed the beauty industry to abuse the suffering animals to test products. When you are making your choice on your next beauty product, check the labels to see whether it is tested on animals or not. Making the correct choices on your purchases can make a beneficial effect on our environment.

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