IZI Beauty - Jan 25 2021

Are There Microplastics in Your Cosmetics?

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastics which have major consequences. Plastic particles are an environmental hazard, which can easily be washed down the drains, sewer systems and waterways as they are smaller than 1mm.

Once this has happened, they can then be accidently consumed by marine life, which are then able to digest the plastic.Marine life is already battling in a habitat which is becoming polluted by our plastic waste humans dispose of. It is thought that the regular exposure to plastic particles is having a huge effect on fish, altering their size, swimming ability, behaviour and their chances to reproduce.This makes them vulnerable to other predators, putting species at risk of extinction.

These small plastic particles do not degrade in water and will sparkle on the shoreline in years to come, where they can then be consumed by marine life and cause fish to experience hormonal changes, threatening their survival chances. If we then eat the fish, we are exposed to potential microplastic harm.

Acting against microplastics

Participate - Annual events like Plastic Free July is a great way to join in with the fight against microplastics. You can choose leave-on beauty products which do not contain microplastics or glitter.

Petition - You can also do your part and make a difference by adding your signature to the many petitions there are against continued microplastic use or by spreading the word about charities and campaigns against microplastic cosmetics.

SWITCH - Looking to switch to microplastic-free products is easy. You can be sure to help the environment by making a small change.

At IZI we are always looking for ways to make our beauty products environmentally safe. Our new lipstick range at IZI Beauty eliminating microplastics. At IZI Beauty we believe it is important to help the environment which is why we have a new lipstick range coming soon which is eliminating microplastic to help the environment.

We are already plant based and believe in making sure all our products are cruelty free. We now want to help even more, which is why we want to eliminate microplastics to make our products even more earth friendly and help save the marine life which is sadly being destroyed. To find out more you can visit our Instagram page today to find out how we get involved in helpingthe environment and what you can do too.

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