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about IZI Beauty.

IZI Beauty is all about melding beauty and wellness without compromise, bringing plant-based luxury and high-performance formulas that cater to people of all skin tones, our hybrid makeup approach demands that all formulas are infused with nourishing and protective ingredients. Recipes that not only work seamlessly with the moisturising needs of one’s skin, but offers luxurious shades that will aesthetically enhance it. IZI Beauty enables its customers to make a conscious switch from synthetic chemical-based products to those that are clean and naturally kinder to them - and the planet.

We believe in transparency, inclusivity, responsibility, honesty and kindness as s a brand because it’s not only what we seek for our customers, but for ourselves. IZI Beauty is a combination of our founder’s three children’s names. Our aim is to extend far into the future making positive environmental changes that will impact generations to come.

about the founder.

Our founder, Parm Atwal-Uddin, has possessed a passion for makeup and beauty products stemming as far back as her teenage years. A love that has only intensified. During her maternity leave she trained as a makeup artist and learned much about the industry and best practices in standards. Since having her children, and particularly during the pandemic, Parm’s top priority became instilling a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. She changed eating habits to raw, sustainable organic foods, embraced yoga and meditation, and started to closely examine ingredients in the products she was using. With skin being the largest organ (and oftentimes neglected) she became concerned with what she was putting on her body as much as what she was putting into her body. Parm sought to make her surroundings as chemical-free and synthetic-free as possible.

Being a woman of colour and seeing the rise in clean beauty over the past few years, there was still a lack of natural clean makeup brands that felt luxurious and complimentary to various skin tones. The need for inclusivity with IZI Beauty was a core component to the brand and one of two key goals in the IZI Beauty business model.

IZI Beauty seeks to provide their customers an effortless move from chemical-synthetic makeup, to plant-based makeup, providing anyone with beautiful shades, clean ingredients, and packaging that has zero impact on the planet without losing a luxurious quality and performance. Commitments IZI beauty will continue to hone as a clean beauty, vegan company.