Our formulas are all 100% vegan. When you buy commercial products your money is voting in support of not only the product but also the practices and morals of the company. Supporting something you truly believe in.


IZI Beauty will not only make yearly contributions to the IZI Foundation, this has been set up to provide clean water to remote villages in third world countries. We will also make yearly contributions to environmental programs that strive to reverse the impact of climate change. We’d love to know who you think is doing great work in that area so tag us on social @izibeauty and let us know.


Animals shouldn't suffer for our beauty products. We are 100% approved by PeTA.

We spent a number of years ensuring our products were created in a safe environment, working with companies that believed in the same ethos as us.

We are absolutely 1000% against animal cruelty and all our products are cruelty-free.


We all need to consider the environment as we learn and see effects of climate change. Cosmetic packaging is often made from plastic and plastic-coated cardboard which ends up in landfill and isn’t always recyclable or biodegradable.

We’re constantly keeping abreast of the newest developments in environmentally responsible packaging, so the main components of our packaging uses recycled aluminium, paper and glass. However, where our packaging ends up is still an environmental concern - to us and the planet.

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously so we responsibly recycle ou containers and they don’t end up in a landfill.


We promise to be straight talking, from our marketing and social media through to the way we communicate with you directly. We will be open about our ingredients and environmental endeavours to ensure you know exactly what you’re buying into when you purchase from IZI Beauty.


IZI Beauty aims to ensure that our product ranges are fully inclusive. Everyone has the right to feel included - and it’s no longer acceptable for people of colour to be ignored by the cosmetic industry.

That’s why we’re starting with nine lipstick shades to compliment all skin tones. We’ll also endeavour to hire as diversely as possible. So that IZI Beauty fully represents the customer base it serves.

We’ll post job openings on our social media - so keep checking for updates.