IZI Beauty - Feb 11 2021

Why You Should Choose Organic Plant-Based Beauty Products?

More and more consumers are looking for safer and more sustainable solutions in their lives. From the food that we eat, to the beauty products we use, healthier, organic, and all-natural is always better. Thanks to trending topics in social media, celebrity endorsements, and scientific reports, consumers are becoming more aware of the organic, plant-based beauty products that are available to them, although they might not fully understand the benefits of these products.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider using organic plant-based beauty products:

Non-Toxic - if you choose organic, plant-based products from reputable brands, there will be no harmful substances that can affect your health. Some substances in non-organic products like quaternium-15 may react with the air and produce formaldehyde, a confirmed carcinogen. Other ingredients to avoid include DMDMhydantoin, BHUT, bronopol, methanamine, sodium hydroxymethyl glacinate, anddiazolidinyl urea.

Smell Better - beauty products made of natural ingredients always smell better because they are typically fragrance-free. Manufacturers often add harsh ingredients to produce those intrusive, fake scents. With natural beauty products, you will get the pleasant scents of herbs and flowers.

Gentle For Sensitive Skin - women with sensitive skin are more prone to irritation and redness after using regular beauty products for a period of time. It is important to safeguard the health of your skin if you are easily affected by harsh chemicals. Organic, plant-based beauty products don’t contain traces of fertilisers or pesticides that can harm your skin.

Eco-Friendly - many consumers are becoming more and more conscious about environmental issues. By choosing organic, plant-based products, you are contributing to reducing the impacts of consumerism on the planet. If there’s more demand for organic products, farmers and agriculture businesses will switch to more responsible, organic farming methods.

No Animal Cruelty - many substances used in conventional beauty products are tested on animals before they are confirmed safe for people. It is not uncommon for animals to suffer from significant exposure to synthetic chemicals to measure the level of toxicity on higher doses. Organic substances from plants are proven safe and, as part of the responsible practices, no animals are harmed during the research stage.

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